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Relay Information

2, 3 or 4 Person Marathon Relay Guide

•    Each relay team will be issued up to four bibs with an identical number and ONE baton containing a timing chip. Runners are to pass the baton to their teammates at the exchange points. Runners will carry the baton in his or her hand while running.
•    The first runner (Leg #1) will start with the rest of the marathon field. There is not a separate start for the Relay Teams.  The other team members are responsible their own transportation to the exchange zone and will need to be there well before the fastest runners pass by, as area roads will close. (DETAILS ON TRANSPORTATION ARE BELOW).
•    On the course, signs will designate the location of the upcoming exchange point.  Upon entering the exchange area, incoming runners should make sure their bib number is visible.  A volunteer will announce the incoming runner’s bib number to the waiting runners via megaphone.
•    Each relay runner will pass the baton to the next relay runner at the relay exchange point.  The 4th runner will cross the finish line.  The team will receive one time and is racing against other Relay Teams only. You will not get an individual time for your leg of the race.  Teams can be all male, all female or co-ed.
•    Each member of the Reay Team will receive T shirt and goody bag with his/ her bib at the Expo.  Each team member will also receive a finisher medal-all given to the runner crossing the finish line.
•    There will be a shuttle picking up from the Exchange points and delivering runners who have finished his/her leg of the relay to downtown Manteo at the approximate times indicated below.  This does not guarantee that you will see your teammate cross the finish line.  It does however take you to the finish area to get your medal, meet up with the rest of your relay team and celebrate!


EXCHANGE #1: Mile 6ish- on Bay Drive.-Lot accessible from 3rd.  Shuttle at Boat lot approx. @ 8:20am.
EXCHANGE #2: Mile 13-Towne Park on West Barnes. Runners must walk up from on 158.  Shuttle in DMV lot approx. 9:15.
EXCHANGE #3: Mile 20-Seachase/ Epstein & 158.  Shuttle at BBt&T Bank lot at approximately 10:40am.

•    Know your teammate’s pace, keep track of the race time, and know when to expect him/her.
•    Wear or carry something easily identifiable by the incoming runner at the exchange.
•    Assist your fellow runners by shouting all incoming bib numbers.
•    Plan for a meeting place beyond the Finish chute (Fernando & Queen Elizabeth Street in Manteo) to reunite with your team.